Nvidia nForce Drivers Linux 1.0-0274

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XFree86 binary driver for hardware acceleration OpenGL applications by direct-rendering X Server and support for NVIDIA :
TNT, TNT2/TNT2 Pro, TNT2 Ultra, TNT2 M64/M64 Pro, Vanta/Vanta LT, Aladdin TNT2, GeForce 256, GeForce2 Pro, GeForce2 GTS, GeForce2 Ti, GeForce2 MX/MX 400/MX 200/MX 100, GeForce2 Ultra, Geforce3 Ti 200, GeForce3, GeForce3 Ti 500, Quadro, Quadro DCC, Quadro2 MXR, Quadro2 Pro, Quadro2 EX… pour: Linux IA32 Display Drivers Linux IA64 Display Drivers Linux AMD64 Drivers FreeBSD Drivers

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