Zune 2.0

Rated /5

With Zune software, you can play and organize media on your PC, browse Zune Marketplace, share music throughout your home, and sync to your Zune device.

  • Build your collection. The streamlined new design makes it quick and easy to import content, rip and burn CDs, create playlists, and sync to your device.
  • Import your music. Zune software will automatically import your existing music, pictures and videos, including music you have ripped into iTunes and Windows Media Player.
  • Video to go. Zune will automatically import unprotected .WMV, .MPG4 and H.264 files in your video library.
  • Your games. Your music. Your way. Plug your Zune into your Xbox 360 console to listen to your favorite songs while playing your favorite games. You can also stream the music, pictures and videos from the Zune software to your Xbox 360 console using a wireless connection.

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