iPod 2 iPod 3.52

Rated /5

Managing Music on the Move. Take charge – take a run with iPod 2 iPod.
So you have got two, sisters got a Nano and Dads just bought a new 60 GIG and the smart folks over at Apple did not give any thought to managing your entire family of iPods!

  • Support for the latest 6th generation iPods.
  • Connect multiple iPods.
  • Drag and Drop Songs, Playlists or Video between iPods.
  • Move entire genres, albums and artists.
  • Make shared playlists between iPods.
  • Enhanced searching and grouping of songs.
  • Find duplicate songs and remove them quickly.
  • Automatic backups – painless restores.
  • Optimizes iPod storage space.
  • Set your Shuffle free, with no local music restriction.
  • Support for all current models, including the Shuffle and Video.

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