Phone Easy Connect Lite

Rated /5

With Phone Easy Connect you can access the internet anywhere and anytime with your mobile phone and a portable PC, no more connections hassles.
COMPELSONs Phone Easy Connect is easy to use. Just pick a country and the mobile network you are using and all the necessary settings for your computer to connect are done. You are immediately ready to access the web.
Phone Easy Connect pros:

  • ability to establish or close internet connection by a single click.
  • ability to connect with almost any GSM phone on the market.
  • prepared account settings for about 140 mobile operators in about 40 countries worldwide.
  • possibility to create own accounts with few clicks without knowing all the complicated Windows settings.
  • easy connection wizard containing a guide how to set up Bluetooth and IrDA communication on every supported phone.
  • quick overview of transferred data volume and line speed (upload/download).
  • possibility to write SMS messages and send them from a PC.
  • full support of GPRS and EDGE internet connection .
  • Just one connection allowed until application restart.
  • SMS messages are finished with this text: Visit
  • No MMS sending is allowed.

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