Opera Browser (Android)

Rated 5/5

Get the best mobile web browser for Android phones and tablets. Opera is designed for the latest Android devices. Opera looks gorgeous, runs fast and comes with a long list of useful features installed. Get it now and start enjoying:

  • A BETTER CONNECTION: Stay online even when on slow or congested networks by switching to Off-Road mode. (It also gives you cheaper internet!)
  • ENTERTAINMENT: Use the built-in download manager to get movies and music off the web.
  • PRIVACY: Go anywhere on the internet without leaving a trace when you use private browsing mode.
  • INSPIRATION: Get the latest stories right in the browser from the world’s leading magazines and newspapers with the Discover feature.
  • YOUR FAVOURITE THINGS: The sites you love are always on top thanks to the visual Speed Dial.

See for yourself why reviewers and users alike are raving about Opera’s all-new Android browser. New and improved features include:

  • A completely redesigned interface that’s light, clean and bright
  • More responsive elements, from smart scroll bars to automatic page sizing
  • Enhanced stability and compatibility — more websites work better than ever in Opera

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