iPodRip 3.9.1

Rated /5

Put control of the iPod back in your hands with the ultimate iPod companion. iPodRip supports recovering your songs and playlists, playback of audio files and much more.
– Supports all iPod file formats
– Supports video playback and podcasts
– Recover Songs – recovers all songs, meta data and associated playlists to iTunes
– Recover Playlists – reconstructs your playlists in iTunes
– Stand alone jukebox with menubar controls and song information
– iTunes integration when importing songs and playlists
– Supports iTunes song information, including ratings, play count, last played and others
– SmartSync – rules based importing of songs
– View & copy playlists
– Drag & drop support
– iTunes style browser
– Undo support
– Print, HTML and XML support
– iTunes like floating window
– Complete documentation
Trial for Mac OSX 10.3 Panther and 10.4 Tiger, requires iTunes 6 and up. Trial is limited to 10 sessions.
A download for Windows is also available from this site.

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