PC DoorGuard 4.1

Rated /5

PC DoorGuard is a complete anti-trojan and I-worm protection solution in one package.
Supports Outlook, Outlook Express, IncrediMail, PocoMail, TheBat and all other POP3 email clients, providing complete e-mail scanning and removal for viruses and Spam.
PC DoorGuard completely eliminates the trojan with a click of a button. Even an existing one.
PDG protects your computer from any futher infection by monitoring everything that comes in to your computer.
Free Online Updates are issued at least once a week and are one click away.
Contemporary huge database of active trojan horses and viruses is included with PDG for free.
30 day trial of PC DoorGuard. It has the following features disabled, can not delete found trojans and only one full scan of the hard disk can be performed. Other scans will work indefinitely.
For Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000 Pro
and 2000 Server.

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