TranslateIt! 8.5

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German-English, English-German dictionary TranslateIt!
What do you usually do when you come across an unknown word on a web page? You probably copy it to the clipboard, launch a translation or dictionary program, paste the word from the clipboard, and click the button. Isnt this kind of slow and inconvenient? A real time waster? It sure is.
But not any more!
With TranslateIt!, you move your mouse cursor to any word and get its translation right there, in a cool tooltip-like floating window.
TranslateIt! can translate words not only in Internet Explorer and Outlook Express but also in Opera and Firefox browsers, MS Word text processor and ICQ instant messenger. TranslateIt! will translate control labels, menu items, pop-up dialogs and message boxes in any application.
30 day free trial for Mac OS X 10.4 or later. Also available for Windows.

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