EarthDesk 4.5

Rated /5

EarthDesk replaces your Macintosh desktop picture with a stunning dynamic image of our planet continuously updating in the background while you work.

  • EarthDesk displays real-time global cloud cover, allowing users to track hurricanes and typhoons, or simply just admire our planet.
  • Accurate sun, moon and city lighting.
  • High quality twilight shading.
  • Complete multi-display support.
  • Eleven different map projections.
  • Includes both satellite and political maps.
  • EarthDesk uses the Atlas database technology, providing detailed geographical and time zone information for 10,000 cities.
  • Maps can be centered on a city, so that the map remains stationary while the sun and moon move, or lock to the position of the sun or moon so that the shadow remains fixed, while the map moves.

MacOS X 10.4 or 10.5.

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