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Free trial version of PestPatrol, a powerful security tool that detects and eliminates spyware, worms, trojans, AOL pests, droppers, probe tools, mail bombers, password crackers, remote control servers, spoofers, trojan creation tools, & many more – over 40,000 pests.
PestPatrol detects what anti-virus software misses, and is designed to work in conjunction with anti-virus software.
How does PestPatrol identify possible threats? PestPatrol is similar to anti-virus products, but instead of scanning for viruses, it scans for Spyware and Trojans, and even tools and utilities used by hackers and maybe even trusted employees. Used along with anti-virus software, PestPatrol will keep you safe from malicious objects, commonly referred to as Pests.
30 day free trial for Windows.

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