Comodo Verification Engine

Rated /5

Comodo VerificationEngine gives you the ability to verify that the site you are visiting (or directed to via a e-mail) can be trusted – essential in the current environment of fraudulent sites and faked emails Just mouse over the logo brand or image you want to verify and VerificationEngine will authenticate the different trust credentials of the site you are on. For example VerificationEngine will check logos such as credit card icons (for online purchasing) web site endorsements such as BBB online or TRUSTe or trade associations are legitimate.
During a secure communications session Internet Explorer users can simply mouse over the padlock to verify;
a) That the padlock is genuine and not a fraudulent graphic b) The site uses an SSL certificate containing the true entity information about the company with which you have an encrypted https session.
VerificationEngine will extract the credentials of the site from the IdAuthority service, including references to third party logos. All this happened in real time ensuring up to the minute confidence and assurance.
Supports Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

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