Skylook 2.0.161

Rated /5

Record Skype Calls. Get SMS Alerts, Voicemail in Inbox, Outlook Reminders via Phone and more:
Skylook is an extension to Microsoft Outlook®.
Standard Outlook lets you send, receive, forward, reply to, store, organize, search, follow-up and archive emails.
Outlook with Skylook lets you do all those things with phone calls too, as well as PC-to-PC calls, voicemail, instant messages and SMS*. (Calls are recorded to MP3 for storage and archiving).
Skylook also combines email, reminders, calls, voicemail, instant messages and SMS in powerful ways – e.g. to send you SMS alerts when you miss reminders, or to read important emails to you on your phone when you are away from your desk.
14 day trial (you may use all features free for this period except where Skype charges apply – e.g. to call standard phones or to send SMS messages).

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