Prevxl 2.1

Rated /5

Protect your system from malware.
Prevx1 will protect your system from attacks by viruses, Trojans, worms, adware, spyware and hackers. It offers much stronger protection than conventional Antivirus or Antispyware products and will also protect you from established threats as well as new and evolved malware which easily bypass conventional products.
Prevx1 sees more threats because each person becomes an integral part of the Prevx1 community. Each community member is then able to instantly and automatically inform the Prevx1 malware database of any malicious activity encountered anywhere in the world.
Prevx1 spots threats earlier because other security solutions have to hunt and catch each new malicious threat before they can create a fix. In comparison, Prevx1 is being continuously informed and updated by its community members about new malicious threats from the instant they are first encountered.
Prevx1 can then protect you better and sooner because malicious threats are instantly and automatically stopped from infecting not just your computer – but by informing and updating the Prevx1 malware database of a new threat – Prevx1 is then automatically updated and can protect every community member.
Windows 2000, Windows XP

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