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Maximum protection for both you and your PC.
Did you know it takes an average of just 20 minutes for spyware and viruses to infect an unprotected PC? pcdefense The clock is ticking – good thing you’ve found PCdefense!
This all-around cyber crime-fighting software offers full protection against a wide range of spyware, malware, keyloggers, rootkits, viruses, and other stealth applications.
Unfortunately, many security solutions fail to protect PCs against Rootkits – the newest crimewave to hit the internet. Rootkits cloak spyware and viruses, making them invisible even to many leading security products. PCdefense comes to the rescue! Along with its Spyware Scan and Keylogger Prevention tools, PCdefense also offers a Rootkit Scan that identifies harmful rootkits hidden in your PC.
PLUS, the unique Disaster Recovery Software allows you to recover from a catastrophic attack, rootkit infestation or system failure. Disaster Recovery restores your entire system – files, settings, and programs. It’s the ultimate insurance package.
Don’t let internet crime happen to you. Protect yourself with PCdefense.
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