Visual MP3 Splitter & Joiner 6.0

Rated /5

Split and combine MP3 and WAV files
Visual MP3 Splitter & Joiner is a small, handy, and extremely fast utility for cutting and combining your MP3 and WAV files.
It allows you to split a continuous recording using silence detection, or just cut it in a number of equal parts, or extract some part by setting time boundaries either directly, or by selecting the needed part on the waveform.
It is possible to create a CUE file, which is useful for burning Audio CDs. You can also join a number of audio files in a desired order.
The program allows you to:

  • Split MP3 and WAV files by a number of equal parts, by size, by duration.
  • Split WMA files.
  • Split an audio file using pauses.
  • Save meta information (ID3 data) like title, artist, album etc. inside output files.
  • Split multiple audio files at once.
  • Pre-listen parts with built-in media player.
  • Join MP3 and WAV files in any succession.
  • Join WMA files.
  • Use Drag&Drop for easy editing.
  • Use hot keys.

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