MoBlock 0.8

Rated /5

MoBlock is a linux console application that blocks connections from/to hosts listed in a file in peerguardian format (guarding.p2p). It uses iptables ipqueue userspace library and it is very light in resource usage.
From version 0.6 it uses by default the new kernel interface netlink_queue through ipt_NFQUEUE kernel module that was added in kernel 2.6.14 that deprecated the old ip_queue/libipq interface.

  • support for NFQUEUE-ing from iptables FORWARD chain (thx to hyakki for suggestions and testing!)
  • included patches from clessing at users dot sourceforge dot net to support log file rotation, creation of pid file, fixes and files for debian packaging and new start script supporting ports whitelisting

There is a plan to make MoBlock become the official peerguardian linux client

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