PKZIP Command Line Add-on

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The Command Line Add-on for PKZIP provides scripting features making it possible to automate recurring tasks.
Reduce file sizes on storage media and during transfer using the Command Line’s custom scripting capabilities. Command Line is also included with PKZIP for Windows.
Based on the popular ZIP compression standard, PKZIP for Windows and the Command Line Add-on deliver all the benefits of ZIP, including creating ZIP archives of virtually any size. In addition to .zip files, PKZIP can create .bz2, .tar, .gz, .uue, .xxe, and .jar archives and will open .zip, .rar, .tar, .gz, .jar, .uue, and more.
Command Line features with PKZIP for Windows make it easy to customize compression and security settings to save time, bandwidth and storage space. Use them to streamline functions and optimize resource utilization.
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