Video Caster 3.40

Rated /5

Capture video footage from a camera, create video slideshows from photos and publish them online.
Video Caster is a feature-packed video-to-web publishing software. With Video Caster, you can capture video footage from your camera, create video slideshows automatically from your photos, convert video and audio files to streaming media format and publish them to any web servers.
The Auto Slideshow feature will automatically create video slideshows from your photographs. Select one of the several spectacular visual styles and make your video slideshows ready to publish on your website. What’s more? You can add any music of your choice to the slideshow you create. The fade-in and fade-out feature blends in the music smoothly to create a enthralling audio-visual experience.
Also features a conversion Wizard for converting existing MPEG, AVI, MP3 and WMV files into streaming format, and a publishing wizard.
30-Day Trial Version. For Windows 98 SE/ME/2000/XP

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