Guiffy with JRE 7.4 (Build 198)

Rated /5

An Advanced Cross-Platform Diff/Merge Tool designed to make comparing, merging, and upgrading source files and folders as easy and reliable as possible.
Guiffy is cross-platform and adopts the native look-and-feel on Windows, the Motif look-and-feel on Unix/Linux platforms, the Macintosh “classic” look-and-feel on MacOS 9, and the new Aqua interface on MacOS X.
This download includes the 1.4.2 Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Note: If you’re downloading the Linux install package on Windows, do NOT use MicroSoft’s Internet Explorer: It does NOT recognize the .bin file type. Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, or Firefox on Windows will download and save the .bin file fine. After downloading and saving the .bin file on your Linux system, open a shell and cd to the directory where you downloaded the installer.
At the prompt type: sh ./guf74ins.bin
21-day trial for Linux(x86) restricted to 321 lines per file.

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