Reason 4

Rated /5

A virtual studio rack with all the tools and instruments you need to turn your ideas into music. Reason 4 is much more than just a set of excellent synths and effects…
This powerful, self-contained and expandable workstation provides all the tools and instruments you need to turn your ideas into music. It features virtual synths, samplers, drum machine, loop players, mixers, effects, sequencers, sound library …..and more.
With Reason, when you save your music, your whole studio setup is stored along with it. You can even include your samples, loops and drum kits in the Reason file, for easy web publishing or email collaboration with other Reason users. Sound quality is pristine and instruments and effects are full of character and attitude.
Each unit in Reasons virtual rack is edited from its own on-screen front panel with sliders, knobs, buttons and functions which can be tweaked, turned and twisted in absolute real-time. All front panel actions – filter adjustments, pitch bending, gain riding or panning – can be recorded and automated in the Reason sequencer.
All new Reason version 4 comes equipped with a brand new sequencer, a revolutionary groove tool, a stunning arpeggiator and a synth to end all synths.
Note: The Reason demo has all the features of the full version but is save/export disabled, has no support for ReFills and quits after 20 minutes.
For Windows XP or Vista, also available for Mac.

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