@promt Office 7.0

Rated /5

High quality translation with a number of different features to make the translation more effective.
@promt Office is computer software for translation of texts, e-mails, Web sites, PDF-documents and even image files in just seconds. The program is a perfect solution for the translation needs of small businesses and home users. @promt Office is available for any of 9 language pairs (english-french; english-german; english-spanish etc.)
Features include:
– Newest and advanced translation algorithms and revolutionary dictionary architecture;
– Translation of Documents, E-mails, Web sites;
– Translation of Image Files (PDF, TIFF, JPG, etc );
– User Customizable Dictionaries.
You will link to the publisher’s download page where you can then select the language pair that you desire for the fully functional 30 day trial version.

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