Site Translator 2.44

Rated /5

Website Translation Software Designed to Help Webmasters make websites Multilingual.
Site Translator is designed for Website owners who need a simple, do-it-yourself solution for Website language translation. With a few mouse clicks, Site Translator will translate virtually any Website designed in HTML, ASP, XML and It translates only the language content and leaves the source code unchanged. Unlike the word-substitution software that requires manual substitution of words or phrases, Site Translator intelligently identifies and translates phrases.
Site Translator uses automated machine translation technology. The automated translation technology is capable of translating entire Web sites in a matter of minutes and you do not need to know the translated language. If you need to improve accuracy and customize the process, Site Translator has a feature called translation memory, which helps you fine-tune exact language phrases.
With Site Translator you can translate between 14 language pairs – covering languages spoken by over 90% of Internet users
Trial Version for Windows 98 SE/ME/2000/XP.

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