Babala 0.4.0

Rated /5

Babala is a simple logical game with elements of move strategy. At the start of the contest, the enemy figures “Balabaks” are situated on the playing field. In fending them off, you”ll have only limited moves and shots (or laying of mines) allowed during your each round, after which the enemy is permitted a measured advance. If Balabak reaches you, you”re mugged, you lose. The enemy can”t shoot.
Your task is to survive and dispose of all Balabaks. To do this you must choose suitable movements or shots, and that won””t be so easy. There may be obstacles and certain rigged perils, critically situated, or distant ammunition stores that have to be reached. You may have to shoot through a wall at Balabaks, and you have a limited numbers of shots. If you don”t have enough munitions, then you must tempt the enemy into a trap. Length: 200 levels.
This latest version features Web high scores posting.
Note: If you”re using an earlier version of Babala, be forewarned that upgrading to 0.4.0 will delete ALL of your existing game scores, level scores and Saved partial games.

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