Mercury 1710

Rated /5

A Java-based MSN client.
With Mercury you can do the same things as with your normal MSN messenger.
Basic IM functions:
# Talk to friends,
# Change your nickname and status
# Add a display picture (also known as an avatar),
# Send files through the msn server (for those with a firewall etc..) and directly.
# Away messages (auto away using screensaver check)
MSN specific functions:
# Play games, current games: Tic Tac Toe (MSN default game), Connect4 ( game)
# Watch your friends’ webcams (Mercury auto-saves these sessions on the disk and can convert them to Quicktime movies),
# Allow other people to watch your webcam (= video only)
# Audio and Video conference is implemented (both sending and receiving) but is still a beta feature.
MSN7 specific functions
# Send and receive winks (sending custom winks doesn’t work yet due to new security restrictions in MSN7.x)
# Personal messages
# Show your current iTunes song in your Display Name or Personal Message
# Send and receive nudges
# Receive voice clips
Extended IM functions:
# Partial UPNP support (Port forwarding), this should make the file transfers for some users faster…
# Searching in the contact list (CTRL + F)
# Multiple language support
All webcams that work using iMovie, will work with Mercury (it uses the same library). This includes iSight.
Mercury supports Growl event notification and allows you to control iTunes by typing commands in any chatwindow.
Requires MacOS X 10.3 (and higher)

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