Version 5.1 24.74MB

Cyberduck (Mac) 5.1

Rated 5/5

With Cyberduck, files can be transferred to or from a server via drag-and-drop. The access data can be stored and are accessible via a list. The tool supports connections via FTP/TLS, WebDAV, FTP and SSH file transfer protocol as well as upload and download via drag-and-drop. Default file permissions can be set for down- and upload.

The synchronisation of files and folders, opening and editing files in a text editor and the integration of AppleScript and Finder bookmarks is possible with the software. Cyberduck includes a bookmark function and supports the network standard Bonjour, the password manager Keychain and external editors like SubEthaEdit.

The tool is installed, it informs the user via Growl on the connection status and the charging progress.

Cyberduck, with its many tools, facilitates one’s daily work and has a convincing stability. The tool is a simple to use FTP and HTTP client with fast and efficient up- and downloading. The latest version supports cloud services such as Google Docs, Google Storage, Windows Azure and Amazon S3.

Cyberduck (Windows)


Version 5.1 24.74MB

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