HammerTap DeepAnalysis 2.18

Rated /5

An eBay research software!
HammerTap DeepAnalysis is powerful software that can analyze any eBay market sector and produce detailed market research reports (total sales, average sales price, average number of bids, sales success rates for entire eBay categories) so you can find out what sells, make more money and blast the competition!
HammerTap uncovers the market trends that lead to higher auction success rates. Discover which day of the week to end your auction listing, find out whether or not to use a reserve, choose starting prices that attract more bids, and much more.
HammerTap DeepAnalysus uses licensed eBay data to provide fast, accurate research results so that sellers can understand the marketplace better and become more successful at selling on ebay!
Trial Version for Windows 98 Second Edition/2000/XP

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