Backup-2006 Studio

Rated /5

An automatic backup software which can manage backup in classic mode (1 file per job) or in unique archive mode (1 file updated by each job). It is a major update of Backup2005 Pro and supports unlimited zip file size (Pkware Deflate64). You can backup any folder to any destination (network lan, any removable media including CD and DVD).
Backup-2006 Studio comes with its own burner driver. It can span archive files over multiple media and jobs can be scheduled. Possibility to upload to one or two FTP or HTTP servers.
It offers a graphical backup map, catalog, log files and notify you by email when a job is done.
Backup-2006 Studio offers multiple ways to restore one or more specific files, a group of files (e.g. *.doc), a folder or the entire archive file just with few clicks. Restore can be processed to the original location or to any destination. Features a built-in verify and repair function and also includes functions to cut archive files into smaller pieces, or to merge multiple parts of archived files.
A general report displays the status of each job. Backup-2006 studio provides 3 compression methods : Pkzip defalte64, standard Pkzip 2.04 and Bzip.
Backup-2006 studio supports strong internal and/or external AES encryption with 256 bits key. It comes with predefined backup sets (My emails, Windows shell, Registry…) and much more !
Trial time-limited version for Windows 2003 Server.

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