iView Media Pro 3.1

Rated /5

The visual database for all your media files.
MediaPro is an extremely powerful and customizable digital asset management application for importing, annotating, organizing, archiving, searching and distributing your ever-growing collection of digital files.
Designed for photographers and other creative professionals, it enables you to create a customized, centralized and searchable repository through which you can manage a wide variety and high volume of digital files. MediaPro supports more than 100 different file formats including images, audio, video, fonts, illustrations, DTP, HTML and digital camera RAW files (including DNG, Nikon, Canon and Kodak).
This latest version of MediaPro has been engineered to provide a complete workflow management solution for professional photographers. MediaPro 3 offers flexible new viewing options, powerful organizational tools and streamlined automation controls that will greatly simplify your digital workflow.
Requires Microsoft® Windows® 2000, XP. FREE 21 day trial. Also available for Mac (MacIntel native).

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