Domus.Cad 13.0.1

Rated /5

Architectural CAD for Architectural design, 3D modeling and rendering.
Domus.Cad is an intuitive and easy to learn tool for the design and modeling of architecture, interior, landscape, and urban spaces.
Domus.Cad allows the user to face 3D design with the same simplicity as a traditional 2D design, and to design and plan an entire project directly on the computer.
The model created with Domus.Cad can be exported in QuickDraw 3D Metafile format and other formats including Art*lantis, DXF 3D and DWG. A land model created with DomusTerra, Nonio C, or other modeling programs can be imported by Domus.Cad, where it may be viewed and elaborated along with the architectural model. The reverse operation may also be performed: an architectural model may be exported to DomusTerra or Nonio C (in QD3D MetaFile format) where it can be placed directly on the modeled landscape.
Dominus.Cad can import most commun, graphic formats including TIFF, JPG, PICT, GIF, TGA, BMP and PNG.
Registration is required to download this free, fully functional time-limited version for Windows 98/NT/2000/XP. A version for Mac OS X is also available for download on this site.

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