Webaroo offline Internet browser 1.3

Rated /5

Webaroo is a free software program and service that lets you search and browse real web pages without a connection. Webaroo advanced technology makes it simple for you to take the web with you and find what you are looking for anywhere, anytime.
Webaraoo server scours the web, analyzes web pages and automatically selects the subset of pages with the most content value in the least storage size. These pages are then assembled in to topic-specific Web Packs which can be downloaded along with your favorite web sites on to your computer or mobile device. You can then easily search the content any time without a connection.
Minimum system requirements for Laptop/Desktop :

  • Windows Vista, Windows XP SP1+, Windows 2000 SP4 (32-bit)
  • Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework (Downloaded during installation if required)

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