Audio Sliders 4.2

Rated /5

Audio Sliders is a Volume Control replacement which is 5 times smaller than the Windows version. The user-friendly interface lets you change volume, bass and tremble, group playback and recording controls in any of five custom layouts and gives the ability to save and restore volume levels.
Remote Control uses the hot-keys for the most popular CD and Mp3 players, including Winamp, Sonique, Quintessential CD, etc. The same hotkeys can even be used for all players. Auto-created submenus can control any installed player.
Audio Sliders can works with two or more sound cards at the same time. Volume sliders from the different sound cards can be mixed in the single layout.
You can quickly change Windows default playback and recording device from the tray menu.
Additionally, Audio Sliders can display time in the different parts of the world and important system information such as drive free space, available physical memory, total memory load and CPU utilization.
Trial version for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP

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