WinDVD 8 Platinum

Rated /5

WinDVD is the ultimate DVD software player, providing you with the finest quality video and audio playback! Watch movies with a theater experience right on your computer or laptop.
Features spellbinding video and audio quality with Intel® Clear Video™ and nVidia® Pure Video™ graphics acceleration for the ultimate in High-Definition Playback; Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Support; TrimensionDNM Advanced ;Cinematic effects
for a more “film look” playback; SmartStretch feature to fill your widescreen TV when viewing 4:3 movies; Audio controller with support for support for Dolby® Digital, Dolby® Headphone, Dolby® Virtual Speaker, DTS® Digital Surround Sound and SRS® TruSurround XT for a full, immersive listening experience.
Universal format support means you can play HD or standard definition video encoded in any of a range of formats, recorded from HDTV, camcorder, or downloaded from the Web. Supports Dolby®, DTS and SRS Technologies
WinDVD 8 is now comptible with Windows Vista and includes fun extracts such as a Boss key so you can quickly pop your player out of the way, color themes to personalize the look of your player,various fun audio effects and an instant replay feature.
14 day Trial for Windows XP/Vista

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