Alcohol 120%

Rated /5

Trial copy of Alcohol 120% THE ultimate DVD/CD emulation and burning software.
Store your most important or most used CDs as images on your computer and play them at 200 times the normal speed from 31 virtual CD-Players or DVDs. Burn more than one CD or DVD (from various sources) at the same time using the lastest technology for burners. Alcohol is compatible with more than 99% of available readers. Alcohols burning and emulation allow you to by-pass the most recent unbreakable protections.
Supports a large number of image files including BILLIONS, CCD, BIN, CUE, ISO, CDI (LEARNING RESOURCES CENTRE), BWT, BWI, BWS, BWA, etc.
Download the free 30 day trial period with no limitations in capabilities, other than a restriction on the number of virtual drives available.
This version supports Win64Bit, Windows NT 3.x, Windows NT 4.x, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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