MailWasher Pro 1.1

Rated /5

Delete spam, viruses and unwanted emails right at the server.
MailWasher® Pro 1.1 for Mac OSX is an effective email management tool to get rid of spam and unwanted email. Easy to use and very effective, MailWasher® Pro allows you to preview and delete your unwanted email from an unlimited number of accounts in one simple step, before it reaches your inbox. Whether you have a POP3 account, MSN and Hotmail, IMAP or AOL; whether you are a home user or small business, MailWasher® Pro is right for you.
This is the latest version 1.1 of MailWasher Pro for Mac OS X 10.3. Version 1.1 is also available for Linux. A version for Windows is also available for download on this site.

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