BeamYourScreen 2.0.5

Rated /5

Instantly show your computer screen to anyone online with BeamYourScreen. Everything you see, your guests can also see – in true colour quality. Use BeamYourScreen to give professional presentations and online product demos, provide remote support and remote maintenance, organize secure online meetings and conduct webinars. Show your computer screen to up to 20 guests. You can easily show any presentation or document and demo any software application. Change presenters to see the computer screen of your customer. Request remote keyboard and mouse control and solve problems fast and easily. Collaborate online, jointly edit documents, and coordinate teams. Reduce training costs and distribute knowledge faster throughout the company and with customers. Gain a competitive edge with BeamYourScreen. BeamYourScreen is incredibly fast, unbelievably easy, and completely secure. Boost your productivity, save time and money with BeamYourScreen.

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