Easybarcodelabel 1.00

Rated /5

Easybarcodelabel is a software for creating (in WYSIWYG mode) and printing labels with texts, barcodes, images, lines and rectangles.
Each element can be easily resized or moved with the mouse. Characteristics (such as size, color, position) are simple to modify.
Features a checksum generateur for barcodes types EAN13, EAN8 and UPC-C.
Will generate EAN13 , EAN8 , Code39, Code128 (A,B,C) , code_2_5 , Code93, CodeMSI , PostNet , Codabar , UPC (A,E0,E1,S2,S5) and EAN128 barcodes.
In addition to printing labels, this software can also be used to print other types of documents such as business cards and identity photos.

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