EclipseStyle 1.0.11

Rated /5

Makes stylesheet editing easy !
Virtually any attribute of a stylesheet, or even a web page, can be updated immediately with EclipseStyle.
EclipseStyle releases web developers from the shackles of using Notepad as their CSS editor forever! Now virtually any attribute of a stylesheet, or even a web page, can be updated immediately. Sure, a few stylesheet generators are out there, and they are perfectly fine, if you never want to make any changes, already know the names and values of all of the CSS attributes, and love working with a grid of 100 lists. EclipseStyle puts other stylesheet editors to shame with its features such as a preview window, intuitive tabbed interface, and much more. It even includes an introduction to stylesheets if you are unfamiliar, as well as complete tutorials and references to the EclipseStyle interface. EclipseStyle also features a code window for seeing what your style looks like in good old CSS code, automatic organization of your existing stylesheets, and extracting stylesheets from existing web pages.
This product is free. It contains no advertisements, spyware, or viruses. It is not a trial version.
For all Windows versions.

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