Lab 1.9

Rated /5

LAB is a free and easy to use software for creating autorun menus that, when burned, will run automatically when the CD is inserted.
LAB can read all multimedia formats (if the coreesponding codec is installed) and supports VBScript. Buttons generated by the program are easily customized using three images (one for the standard button, one for the button with mouse in hovering position, one for the button when it is clicked). Your projects can be burned (when completed) and will run automatically when the CD-Rom is inserted.
LAB has numerous and varied uses. For example :
– Creation of a menu for your videos (DiX etc.)
– Creation of a menu for your audio compilations,
– Creation of a presentation for your products,
– Creation of a menu for presenting your documents (useful for a presentation for example).
LAB includes an assistance feature making it really easy to create your menus.

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