AtomixMp3 2.3

Rated /5

An MP3 mixing tool for DJing using your computer.
AtomixMP3 is designed to make the technical aspect of DJing literally as simple as clicking a mouse. The user interface is highly intuitive and fully skinnable.
AtomixMP3 provides you with everything you would expect from a DJ mix software (2 track MP3 player, pitch control, crossfader, BPM counter etc.) it also features revolutionary one click BPM beat matching so you can forget about desperately trying to match the beats of the MP3s you want to mix.
If you prefer manual beat matching then AtomixMp3 includes a visual mix tool which will help you by displaying curves, the motion of which follow the beats of your song.
You can also automatically run and mix a complete playlist of thousands of songs for all night long hands-free parties.
AtomixMP3 supports a dual soundcard output, meaning that you can use your own mixing desk and have AtomixMP3 match the beats for you. Record your mix sessions into WAV files for burning to CD.
Free demo version for Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000 and XP.

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