QuickCash v2003 r1.1.9

Rated /5

QuickCash is a sales management software ideal for craftsmen and small enterprises.
QuickCash is :
A new graphic interface.
A gateway to the web with its electronic document management.
Data importation and exportation.
>Keep complete control over your work by managing estimates, orders, pro-formas, credits and invoices.
>Manage your products, stocks and services.
>Keep track of your prospects, suppliers and customers.
>Manage your employees.
>Use the finance manager to refine your budget .
>Monitor any outstanding payments,
>Integrate your data using the import module.
>Send your data using the export module.
>Send emails with the electronic document manager.
>Use the label manager for prospection.
>Exploit your data thanks to numerous statistics.
>Protect your data with the access authorization manager.
QuickCash® is compatible with Windows 9x/2000/XP

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