fCopy 0.12

Rated /5

fCopy has two main objectives : to make multiple copies of files without user intervention, and to make copies of unreadable files (damaged support) which can’t usually be copied.
Firstly, fCopy is highly configurable so that you can easily pre-define copying behavoir so that the process runs smoothly without interruption. This is very useful if you have a large number of files to copy and some are unreadable or if you don’t want to have to keep confirming the deletion of existing files. What’s more, fCopy has a copy mode designed for recovering files on a damaged support. Don’t expect miracles though – if the support is faulty and part of the file has been lost then fCopy can’t magic it back ! However, when it finds a faulty file, fCopy will not stop the copying process to tell you that an error has occured, it will just get on with the copying, skipping over any unreadable bytes which it can’t copy.
When a damaged file is copied, the resulting destination file, or copied file, is “corrupt” because it is not a 100% replica of the original file. A damaged file is usually usable if the copy success rate is over 99% (frequent).
Faulty programs (EXE.) or files (ZIP) will unfortunately remain unusable (although certain utilities can repair damaged files (notably ZIP files) and extract some or all of the zipped documents);
but your personal documents, Word files, images or or even videos can usually be recovered!

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