Chenil 3.0.1

Rated /5

“Chenil” is a kennel mangagement software that enables you to organize and manage information about the characteristics of each dog with one or two photos as well as information about litters of puppies. It is then possible to find and print out information which can include commun origins of two dogs, ancestors, descendants, direct descendants, matings of male stud dogs, litters of female dogs. You can search for dogs according to one or several criteria (including sex, whether they are living or dead, age, owner, origin, race, color, behavior, qualities, events etc.). Outings for hunting dogs can be scheduled and recorded. Chenil makes it possible to easily and visually manage everything about your dogs from one central workstation. A data import-export feature means that information can be recorded using several remote computers .
The demo version allows you to manage up to ten dogs. Two full versions are available : a 30-dog version and an unlimited-dog version.

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