Wallpaper Cycler 2.1

Rated /5

Wallpaper Cycler is an easy to use, yet powerful desktop wallpaper manager/changer which will make a pleasant change from your usual, boring, static desktop wallpaper. You can change the wallpaper at a specific delay, at specific times or both. Wallpapers are easily managed in multi-level categories which can have time constraints. eg. a category can be defined for wallpapers that will only be used in the summer.
You can link categories to folders on your hard disk so that new wallpapers are automatically detected
The program features an advanced random selection algorithm so that all wallpapers are randomly chosen before appearing again.
Other features include a powerful layout feature for creating custom layouts for your desktop which can include calendars, quotes, notes, webcams etc. Choose effects such as blur, brightness, color-tone, mask, texturize etc. for each individual object.
Wallpaper Cycler includes a screen saver module which will make a slide show of all your wallpapers with transition effects. It can also monitor your CPU load when it wants to cycle and prevent cycling when your CPU is too busy.
Supports most image formats including JPG, JPE, BMP, DIB, RLE, TIF, PNG, TGA, ICB, VDA, VST, JP2 (JPEG2000), JPC, PCX, DCX,

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