Compteur internet TFS 3.2 3.2

Rated /5

A skinable internet counter designed to help you manage your internet connection time.
Features :
> easy to configure
> supports all internet internet connection packages and can manage several packages,
> Will record all connections to the internet, keeping note of the date, time, time spent online and the connection used.
> You can add, modify and delete recorded information,
> Will alert you when the time restriction included in your internet package has been reached,
> Will alert you when a new monthly invoicing cycle begins,
> You can configure everything ; from the beginning of the month to time-slots that are free on certain days.
> The program will calulate how much you will have to pay when you surf once the connection time included in your internet package has been reached.
> The interface of the counter is fully skinable (Skins with buttons of different colors and shapes are available).
> You have the possibility of printing out all your monthly connections, with total time spent connected and the total amount of money spent.
> simply place your mouse cursor on the icon in the task bar in order to view your connection time.
> The counter can be kept on the top layer or your screen so that it will always be visable.
> Automatic updates.

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