MindSoft Utilities XP 7.81

Rated /5

A complete maintenance pack for Windows XP.
Designed so that you can maintain the optimum efficiency of your PC, Mindsoft Utilities is a pack of 18 high performance utilities.
1/ Use Mindsoft Defrag to optimize your hard disks,
2/ MindSoft FreeRAM will increase your system performance by cleaning the content of your RAM.
3/ Use Mindsoft Internet Optimize to boost and optimize the speed of your internet connection.
4/ Mindsoft Maintenance allows you to examine your system for problems and then solve them.
5/ With Mindsoft Registry cleaner you can safely scan and repair registry problems .
6/ Use Mindsoft Safe Registry to Backup the Registry and restore it if/when Windows crashes
7/ MindSoft Scandisk is a disk analysis and repair tool that checks your drives for errors and corrects any problems.
8/ MindSoft System Restore will create restoration points making sure you can go back when changes occur in your system.
9/ MindSoft CleanUp is an advanced hard disk cleaner able to erase useless files in a quick and useful way.
10/ MindSoft Uninstaller is a tool created to help you maintain your installed programs.
11/ Recover deleted files from your hard drives with Mindsoft Undelete
12/ With Mindsoft Wipe you can securely erase files
13/ Mindsoft rename allows you to batch rename files
14/ Mindsoft Shelter is an encryption utility
15/ MindSoft Split allows yo to split any file into sections of any size and later reconstruct the sections to form the original file.
16/ MindSoft StartUp gives you control over the programs that start automatically at Windows start up.
17/ MindSoft System Information will provide detailed hardware and system information about your computer.
18/ MindSoft Shutdown lets you Schedule shut down, logoff, restart, etc.

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