oxygen 3.1

Rated /5

Professionl XML editor, XSLT debugger and tree viewer/editor.
Main features :
– Multiplatform availability: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris.
– Can be used as standalone desktop application, run through Java Web Start or as an Eclipse plugin.
– Syntax coloring for XML, DTD, Relax NG compact syntax, Java, C++, C, PHP, Perl, etc.
– Context sensitive content assistant driven by XML Schema, DTD or by the edited document structure.
– Support for XML, XSLT, XML Schema, Relax NG , DTD and NRL schemas.
– Validate XML Schemas, Relax NG schemas, DTDs and NRL schemas themselves.
– Generate HTML documentation from XML Schemas.
– Schema Model View.
– XML Catalog support.
– WSDL support.
– Experimental XInclude support.
– Ready to use FOP support to generate PDF or PS documents.
– Non-blocking operations, you can perform validation and transformation operations in background.
– Support for document frameworks: Docbook and TEI.
– Support for editing remote files over FTP, HTTP/WebDAV and HTTPS/WebDAV.
– XML project manager.
– Outliner.
– Multidocument environment.
– Easy configuration for external FOPs and tools.
– Plugin support.
– Drag & Drop support.
– Unicode support.
– User Guide available in English, French.
– GUI in English, French, German, Italian and Japanese.
– spell checking supporting English, German and French.

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