Audio Play And Record 2.01

Rated /5

Play and record audio files.
>Recording audio files :
Audio Play and Record makes it easy to record. Just set your desired audio parameters:
Set Mono or Stereo
Set Frequency quality (eg. 44100 or 22050,…)
Set Bits quality (eg. 16 bits)
Set the filename including the path
Then select the desired recording method. Choose between :RecordStart, RecordPause and RecordStop
>Playing audio files:
You want easy access to audio files or audio stream(from video) ?
Just specify the filename, then use the open method or the play method directly.
Various information is available including, audio length in milli-seconds or in hh:mm:ss:ss formats, play length etc..
To take a look to all the features, just download the trial now.

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