Renkar 5.94

Rated /5

Both brilliant and simple ! Created especially for Windows…. Renkar is an ergonomic time management software for managing the timetables of one or several people (offices for exemple). Meetings can be scheduled and noted from 8am to 8pm, you can move meetings, print out lists of meetings, manage telephone calls and record comments (type of meeting). The program will display availabilities for easy scheduling of meetings and you can search among the meetings (by name, by first name), memorize meeting details, note and block off days (and blocks of days) for holidays, conferences etc,, You can display national holidays, birthdays etc., and lists of meetings can even be sent by email.
Renkar will also display sticky-note reminders, Renkar is free… Make the most of it ! This software sets itself up automatically and requires only Windows on your PC.

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