Aide mémoire 2.2

Rated /5

This software allows you to create virtual sticky notes (Post-Its) for your desktop meaning that you no longer have to clutter up your computer screen with real sticky notes.
Assets :
> Software is easy to use,
> Small size on the hard disk, 300ko, and a couple of sticky notes on the desktop don’t use up any system resources (the program which creates the notes is only 29ko),
>Editing is quick and simple and you can select a date for the sticky note,
>When then date on the sticky note is the current date then the message “Today’ will flash on the note when the computer starts up. You can also choose to display a message at a specified number of days prior to the date on the sticky note.
>The position of each sticky note is saved so that when you restart your computer each note is still in the same place,
>Possibility to insert an icon in the task bar for creating a new sticky note, setting options etc.
>Possibility to create shortcuts for creating a new sticky note and setting options,
>Background color of the notes is customizable,
>Easy to install.

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