Warez Client P2P 3.1.1

Rated /5

Warez – Brand new cutting-edge DHT network technology shows no limits and vastly improves upon our previous network.
Fast connection, blistering search results, and VBT Downloading – iP2P network performance is second to none. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you applied BitTorrent downloads to a network architecture? Result: Distributed download trackers that never fail.
Now you can download files reliably from thousands of sources, not hundreds. Most P2P networks search 30-40 supernodes and call it quits. The iP2P network conducts full network search within a matter of seconds. The result? Thousands of media files right at your fingertips.
No adware, and no spyware – guaranteed. No popups, banners, or adverts either Just the ultimate media sharing experience. The sleek new interface offers lots of new features and now makes organising your media even easier. Warez3 is equipped with CD-ripping, an integrated media player and an intergrated theatre.
Windows XP.

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